How we work

The Active in the Community Strategy 2017 – 2021 (formally operating as Active-In) will contribute towards the Central Government targets through focusing on three areas of work.

Active in the Community CIC's core business is to create opportunities for people to become more active. This may be moving people from physical inactivity to low-activity, or low-activity to regular activity. The activity level of the individual is depicted by the Chief Medical Officer guidelines which states inactivity in adults as anyone taking part in less than 30 minutes of moderate physical activity per week; low-active adults as anyone taking part in under 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week; with anyone above this level stated as active.

In order to engage people into activity, it is key to ensure that the organisations that are leading activity are suitably qualified and prepared to welcome new members. The other aspect is to enhance the experience of the individual participant as much as possible through high levels of customer care and ensuring a holistic approach is applied to the engagement stage onwards.

The final element of Sports Development is around ensuring that clubs and organisations are provided with the appropriate pathways, financial assistance and additional support to be the best that they can be. This also applies to young, talented individuals that aspire to become future elite level athletes.

How we invest

The strategy shows commitment to five core areas

Tackling Inactivity

One of the major focus areas of Active in the Community CIC is to combat inactivity amongst the population of the Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire, with elements of delivery and consultancy in the surrounding Counties.

Children and Young People

Children and Young People are key to achieving some of the contractual targets set through our Local Authority and Public Health programmes. By engaging people at a younger age, we also maximise the potential for reducing the effects of inactivity in later life. This engagement at an early stage of life provides the best opportunity for people to sustain a lifelong association with physical activity and sport.

Volunteering and Training

Active in the Community CIC recognise the importance of volunteering and the role which they can play in getting more people active in their community. Providing opportunities for training and qualifications is therefore also key to our strategy.

Core Market

As well as focusing on specific areas of need, our role as a sports development service is to ensure that we provide opportunities and environments for those already actively taking part in sport, to continue this when they are met with a change in their lifestyle.

Inclusive Opportunities

Buckinghamshire is able to boast about being the birthplace of the Paralympic movement, and there is a large amount of focus around inclusive activities in the Stoke Mandeville area of the County. The Active in the Community CIC are committed to improve the awareness of existing inclusive sport delivery, as well as providing new programmes of inclusive activity where gaps in provision exist.

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