What we do

Active in the Community CIC provide capacity solutions and contract management services to deliver whole services, specific projects, activity programmes, and events within the sports development, physical activity and health fields.

Examples of our contracts include

  • Active East Herts
  • Watford Get Active
  • Wycombe District Sports Development Service
  • Active Bucks

All services are delivered in a cost-effective way compared to traditional delivery models which allows for budgetary savings and higher return on investment to the client. Our model also includes the ability to 'white-label' our service which allows you to maintain control over the customer-facing brand that you wish to see for your area. Further to this, our approach is flexible, adaptable and accountable which allows for your return on investment to be seen quickly, backed by a monitoring and evaluation model as agreed prior to delivery commencing.


Geographically, we presently cover a wide range of District areas across Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire, with the ambition to work in areas where our services are needed.

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